Welcome to ezira.io

The Ezira network project finally has a home. This site marks the transition from the conceptual design of Ezira to the beginning of making it a reality. The Ezira network starts with you. I am seeking developers to join a core team to begin the process of coding the foundation release. The minimum viable product of Ezira will for the first time, combine social media and user issued cryptoassets on the same website. This is the true key to Ezira. The ability to make a fully functioning digital company as easily as one might make a facebook group.

In addition, the ability to earn rewards directly from content is a key gamechanger for cryptocurrency and a disruption to the advertiser model as we know it. By allowing people to earn cryptocurrency from their work, instead of buying it, we take an important step towards a new digital economy. Ezira will allow us all to benefit from the content that we post, and will store it so that it cannot be censored, changed, decrypted, intercepted, or stopped. 

The revolution will not be televised. It will be decentralized. 

-Harrison Mclean, founder of Ezira.