Crowdfunding Campaign Launched

The Ezira Preliminary Initial Coin Offering is now open. 1,000,000 units of EZIRA are on sale on the BitShares decentralized exchange. Early investors can purchase EZIRA using bitUSD. These assets will be converted into EZIRA when the live blockchain is released, using an asset snapshot. Contributors that hold certain balances of EZIRA will qualify for early supporter rewards. Early investors will receive 6 months of bonus membership when the network is launched, and they will have immediate access to an Ezira Profile account created in the genesis block. 

Funds raised will be used to hire core developers to produce the Pioneer Release of the Ezira testnet node client, the web interface, and the Ezira mobile application. Funds will be used to hire graphical designers to produce marketing material for the network, and to promote the product lineup across mainstream channels. 

Learn more about the crowdfunding process of Ezira here.

You can join the Ezira Preliminary Initial Coin Offering here. 

If you do not have a BitShares account, one can be created here.