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Current Ezira Bounties:

1 EZIRA: Sign up to the Ezira mailing list with your bitshares address.

20 EZIRA: Create an original Article, Infographic, Use Case Graphic or Video about Ezira and post it on Steemit, Twitter, Reddit, or Facebook. Material must be high quality, and feature links to and social media accounts. 

50 EZIRA: Introduce an investor to Ezira that makes a purchase of at least 1000 EZIRA

100 EZIRA: Introduce an influential content creator to Ezira that features the project in their content, such as a YouTuber, a Twitter user or a Facebook Page owner.

100 EZIRA: Introduce a skilled Developer, or Marketer to the Ezira project that joins the team. 

Please Email for more details regarding the bounty program, and to claim a bounty. Please allow 48 hours for all signup bounties to be verified and sent.