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Ezira is raising funds to finance development.

Join today to receive your stake in EZIRA.


Contribution Instructions:

1 - Create a BitShares Account.

2 - Purchase BitShares from your favourite exchange. The Ezira team recommends Binance.

3 - Withdraw your BitShares from your exchange to your BitShares Account.

4 - Use BitShares to purchase BitUSD using the Decentralized Exchange, then Purchase EZIRA from the Decentralized exchange using bitUSD.

If for any reason you have difficulties purchasing EZIRA using the BitShares Decentralized exchange, please email Ezira Here, or join the Ezira Telegram channel for assistance.

If you are interested in a facilitated purchase of EZIRA cryptoequity using another cryptocurrency, complete the following form. Ezira will accept BCH, BTC, ETH, ETC, BTS, STEEM, SBD, XMR, DASH, ZEC, and LTC. 

For Bitshares and Steem contributions, simply send Bitshares or Steem to the address "ezira" with your bitshares address contained in the memo field. 

Please include a valid bitshares address for sending your EZIRA assets to.
Choose the currency that you wish to contribute with.
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The Ezira Preliminary Initial Coin Offering is taking place using BitShares. 1,000,000 units of EZIRA are offered at a price of $0.50 BitUSD each to early contributors. Each EZIRA user issued asset corresponds to 1 EZIRA on the live Ezira network blockchain on release. A snapshot will be taken of the balances of all asset holders, and used to allocate 1,000,000 EZIRA in the genesis block of the network. 

Each EZIRA will offer voting power and a dividend of 0.2 EziraCoin per year on the live Ezira network on release. 

Early Contributor Bonuses will be offered to accounts that hold certain amounts of EZIRA during the snapshot. 

To contribute to the Ezira Preliminary Initial Coin offering, simply purchase EZIRA using BitUSD from the BitShares decentralized exchange. These assets can then be held or traded until the network is launched. When the network is launched, the balance held in each BitShares account will be recorded, and all reward tiers will be allocated. Initial accounts, boards, and posts need to be registered with the Ezira development team for inclusion in the genesis block. 

EZIRA asset specifications:

Maximum supply: 10,000,000

Maximum preliminary Issuance: 1,000,000

Blockchain: BitShares

Decentralised Consensus Algorithm: Delegated Proof of Stake

Block time: 3 seconds

Issuing account: ezira

Asset details

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Bitshares work?

BitShares operates like a cryptocurrency wallet and an exchange all in one. Your account name is your receiving address for all BitShares assets, including BTS and BitUSD. All your trading orders are placed onto the BitShares Blockchain.

I am getting an error when I try to access my Bitshares Wallet...

The Bitshares wallet connects to API nodes to provide access to the Bitshares blockchain. If you receive an error message regarding the API sync clock, simply switch your access point node to another one from the list. Ezira recommends the node labelled wss://us.nodes.bitshares.ws for the fastest and most responsive Bitshares experience.

Is EZIRA a token?

EZIRA is a Bitshares User Issued Asset. It is issued by the ezira account on BitShares, and is being sold on the exchange in a limit sell order at a price of $0.50 BitUSD each. It is not an Ethereum ERC20 Token, and does not use the Ethereum blockchain. Ezira uses the Bitshares blockchain for fundraising because it is much more scalable, has faster and cheaper transactions, and has an integrated decentralized exchange. 

What's the difference between EZIRA and EziraCoin? 

EZIRA is the cryptoequity asset of the Ezira network. It will have a fixed supply of 10,000,000 and will be allocated to contributors in the genesis block of the EZIRA network. 

EziraCoin is the native currency asset of the Ezira network. It will have no initial supply, and will be issued at a rate of 10,000,000 per year to network contributors for producing blocks, content rewards, Supernode rewards, EZIRA dividends, and other sources. 

Why should I invest in EZIRA?

If you believe that a decentralized social media network with highly monetizable content, that enables post promotion, and has built in membership subscriptions will be a useful platform for users to share information and value, then EZIRA will earn you a dividend of 20% of all EziraCoin issued. EziraCoin will be bought and burned with all network revenue, raising its price, and therefore the price of EZIRA. EZIRA will additionally grant voting power to influence the allocation of content rewards to creators, and to vote for witnesses. Learn more about the earning potential and business plan of Ezira by reading the Investment Thesis.