Ezira Roadmap.png

9th February 2017: Ezira announcement post to Steem and BitcoinTalk. Public whitepaper release to consider feedback and improve proposal design. The posts can be found here: Steem, BitcoinTalk

June 2017: Ezira.io website released to explain the Ezira proposal in an engaging way and to generate community interest.

November 2017: [Preliminary Initial Coin Offering] Bitshares User issued Asset [EZIRA] seed funding campaign. 1,000,000 EZIRA offered for fixed price of $0.50 each. Offering will raise $500,000 to build a Minimum Viable product, the Ezira Pioneer Release. This will include a full node client to connect to the Ezira testnet for posting and transactions and the IPFS network for file hosting. Ezira whitepaper updated to reflect community feedback.

December 2017: @EziraNetwork Telegram channel and Twitter account opened to provide ongoing updates to the community, and acts as a hub for discussion and growth. 

[We are here] - March 2018: Ezira Whitepaper updated to reflect community feedback. Preliminary crowdfunding reaches over $10,000. Ezira Investment Thesis released. First Ezira Roadmap released. 

Q3 2018: Fundraising for the Preliminary Initial Coin Offering on Bitshares closes.  Funds raised reach $500,000. 

Q2 2019: [Pioneer Release] Functional Ezira testnet blockchain client interface.

Pioneer Release will include:

  • Testnet blockchain full node client
  • Persona Accounts
  • testEZIRA transactions
  • Create test User Issued Assets
  • Trade on decentralized exchange
  • Create text, blog and link posts
  • Vote on posts
  • Vote for network witnesses
  • View and sort posts by main preset options

Q3 2019: Establishment of dedicated core development team, and appointment of 8 initial Executive board positions with an equal share of the EZIRA founders allocation. 

Q4 2019: [Main Initial Coin Offering] Bitshares User Issued Asset [EZIRA] development funding campaign. 2,000,000 EZIRA offered at a price of $30.00 each. Price lowers by 5% per day until all units are purchased, capital limit is reached, or 30 day duration is completed. The final sale price is used to distribute EZIRA to backers at an equal price point. Will raise up to $30,000,000 to deliver the Silver Release. This will include the launch of the fully operational public mainnet blockchain, and ezira.io website.

Q1 2020: [Silver Release] Ezira blockchain main net and full node client released. Exclusive Alpha release of Ezira.io available to ICO supporters, and selected new participants from referrals and a public waiting list.

Silver release will include:

  • Main net blockchain full node and light node client
  • www.ezira.io web interface for EZIRA holders and new users with a referral code or from signups to a waiting list, prioritized for high impact early users.
  • Genesis block created, with EZIRA allocations to all ICO supporters, sharedrop addresses, founder allocations, executive and community reserve addresses, and Annual Coin Offering Address.
  • Create Image, Video, Audio and voting poll posts
  • Issuance of content rewards for posts
  • Decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • Smartcoins backed by EziraCoin collateral
  • EziraCoin Mining
  • EziraStealth transactions
  • Profile Accounts
  • Account Connections, and Feed viewing
  • Board and Group creation
  • Supernode file storage and rewards
  • Private Messaging
  • Witness, Advocacy, Marketer and Developer Reward pools
  • Activity Reward pool

Q3 2020: [Gold Release] Open Public beta of Ezira.io. Business accounts enabled, and refined user experience. Reach out to exchanges for listing EZIRA and EziraCoin.

Gold release will include:

  • Open signups for Ezira accounts via ezira.io
  • Business accounts, with integrated cryptoequities, cryptoassets, and cryptocredits
  • Network revenue allocation system for distributuon to referrers, registrars, and buying and burning EziraCredit and EziraCoin.
  • Membership sales commence
  • Trading fees
  • Premium content fees
  • Post promotion
  • Marketplace Trading
  • Featured Page
  • Anonymous Posting with EziraStealth Rewards
  • Event Creation
  • Content Management systems
  • Ezira backed Gateway assets

Q3 2020: [Annual Coin Offering] Distributed to investors via the Ezira Annual Coin offering contract. 3,500,000 EZIRA are assigned to be offered each year. Offering repeats for a minimum of 10 years to allocate equity, up to 25% of the remaining amount, plus 100,000. Capital limit is equal to 10% of the EZIRA market capitalization. Initial price is the market price of EZIRA, and reduces by 5% each day until all units are sold, or the capital limit is reached.

Q1 2021: [Platinum Release] Synchronized release of updated Ezira.io, updated Ezira light desktop application, and Ezira Mobile app Alpha to a global audience.

Platinum Release will include:

  • Mobile App release to existing account holders, with a waiting list for new users.
  • Massive stress testing and penetration testing for all Ezira infrastructure and software, with the goal of achieving a security confidence level of High Assurance for all network mechanisms.
  • API functionality for third party developers, with high reliability public JSON RPC endpoints.
  • Customized board and feed sorting
  • Create livestream posts
  • Account verification system
  • Peer to Peer lending exchange
  • Margin trading on DEX
  • Option and predictive split assets
  • Recurring payments

Q3 2021: [Diamond Release] Final Polished Mainstream release, containing all high end economic features. Establish strong partnerships with existing cryptocurrency development teams for integration into the Ezira Wallet and Decentralized exchange, develop partnerships with existing and new businesses to operate on the Ezira network. Achieve a strong base of expertise in the marketing, development advocacy and witness reward pools to act as network officers. Work with sponsored businesses to promote key products and apps to the mainstream. 

Diamond release will include:

  • Mobile App open to all new users
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Advanced DEX orders, including stop loss, trailing stop, and stop limit
  • Public grassroots and mass market campaign for rapid user growth
  • Ezira Investment Fund, using a Bancor protocol array, and interaction with the decentralized exchange orderbook
  • Public open source automated trading software
  • Marketplace credit lines, via peer to peer lending
  • EziraCredit Issuance
  • Sponsored business program
  • Partnerships with Fiat currency gateway asset providers

1st January 2022: First annual executive board election at the inaugural Ezira Festival in Melbourne, Australia. First Ezira Constitution signed by all elected Executive board members, network officers, and EZIRA holders present. 

2022 Onwards: Operations overseen by the newly elected Ezira Executive Board. Network hardfork upgrades every 6 months to implement new features, with small interface improvements released every month. Ongoing transparency commitments from all executive officers and elected network officers. Constitution reviewed every 5th annual election.