Project Outline


1.       Public whitepaper release to consider feedback and improve proposal design.

2.       Website release to explain the Ezira proposal in an engaging way and to generate community interest.

3.       Establishment of dedicated core development team, and the release of an open source repository for community input and oversight.

4.       Preliminary Initial Coin Offering: Bitshares UIA angel funding campaign, raise $500,000 to build MVP website with Ezira test net and IPFS network for file hosting.

5.       Appointment of 8 initial Executive board positions.

6.       [Pioneer Release] Functional Ezira blockchain test net software and web app.

7.       Initial Coin Offering: conducted with Bitshares UIA, raise up to $10,000,000 to launch fully operational public blockchain, website, and mobile app.

8.       [Silver Release] Ezira blockchain main net and node software. Exclusive Alpha release of to ICO supporters, and selected new participants.

9.       [Gold Release] Open Public beta of all, Ezira Desktop Client, and Ezira mobile app. Create base of multimedia content to educate new users about site functionality. Reach out to exchanges for listing EZIRA and EziraCoin.

10.   First annual coin offering of new equity to new investors one year after the initial coin offering.

11.   [Platinum Release] Synchronized and marketed release of, Ezira desktop client, and Ezira mobile app to a global audience.

12.   [Diamond Release] Final Polished Mainstream release, containing all high end economic features. Establish strong partnerships with existing cryptocurrency development teams for integration into the Ezira Wallet and Decentralized exchange, develop partnerships with existing and new businesses to operate on the Ezira network. Achieve a strong base of expertise in the marketing, development advocacy and witness reward pools to act as network officers. Work with sponsored businesses to promote key products and apps to the mainstream.

13.   First annual executive board election at the inaugural Ezira Festival in Melbourne, Australia.