Harrison Mclean

Chief Executive Officer

Completing a Bachelor of Science at Monash University, Melbourne. Started using Bitcoin in 2013. 

With extensive market research, and technological evaluation, Harrison authored the Ezira whitepaper during 2016. At 21 years old, Harrison is a Libertarian, supporter of the non-aggression principle, freedom of speech, and a proponent of transhumanist thought. He has a passion for designing voluntary systems of interaction to empower humankind, accelerate technological improvement, and protect the intrinsic rights of life, liberty and security of property.


Oscar chambers

Full Stack Developer

Oscar is a cryptocurrency expert with a Computer Science degree. He has lead the production of numerous whitepapers and alt-coins. Oscar currently acts as an advisor and developer for a number of cryptocurrency startups. Co-creator of the Animal Welfare based cryptocurrency Veggiecoin.


Barney Chambers

Full Stack Developer

Barney has a Computer Science degree from Adelaide University, and has been working in start-ups in the finance sector for a number of years. Co-creator of the Animal Welfare based cryptocurrency Veggiecoin.


Ryan Gray


Ryan works with Halcyon Knights to find IT talent for new startups, and existing businesses. He is assisting Ezira to network with interested people and leverages his experience in the space to guide Ezira to find new team members, and delivers insight to guide Ezira forward to achieve its objectives.