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Earn rewards for your social media posts and content.

Experience fast free global borderless payments.

Utilize encrypted decentralized file hosting.

Create and trade digital assets for free.

Elect your network leaders.

Enter Ezira.   

Unstoppable Social Media:

Ezira gives a voice to everyone and rewards content creators according to user voting. Any content including blogs, pictures, videos or other files can be uploaded to the Ezira network. Posts can never be censored and files are encrypted and stored permanently across the entire world. Creators can earn additional income from premium content purchases, tips and ongoing premium subscriptions.

Permissionless Digital Businesses:

Ezira provides an easy to use platform for buying products and making online businesses, with built-in fast free cryptocurrency payments. Businesses can raise investment capital by creating digital assets for free. Merchants can sell their products directly to customers without fees using Ezira payments, and engage the market with promoted posts. 

EZIRA Cryptoequity:

Ownership of the Ezira network is represented by the EZIRA cryptoequity, which is paid a daily dividend that scales in value with the revenue of the network. A limited fixed supply of 10,000,000 units provide voting power to exercise agency over the network. Some are distributed to all holders of a variety of cryptocurrencies through an airdrop, and others are sold to supporters over time. 

EziraCoin Circular Economy:

EziraCoin (EZC) is the native currency of the Ezira network. It is produced in blocks every three seconds at a constant rate of 10,000,000 per year, and consumed by using network services. New EziraCoin is issued to block producers, EZIRA cryptoequity holders, content creators, storage providers, and elected community leaders. 

Elected Accountable Leadership:

The executive board of the Ezira network is determined by annual elections. Powerful incentive structures are utilized to compensate those who stand out in the community, for their work in development, marketing, advocacy and their digital witness of the blocks that build the network. Network officers are selected through a constant voting mechanism, and are rewarded with EziraCoin. 

Community building:

Ezira allows community leaders to earn from building a thriving discussion under their watchful administration and curation. Each post that earns content rewards from the Ezira blockchain contributes a small percentage of its reward to the moderators of the boards that it is listed on. This enables community projects, and rewards valuable moderation of boards. 


Ezira is raising $500,000 to develop the network software. By contributing to the Preliminary Initial Coin offering, you can gain an early stake in the Ezira platform, and earn bonus rewards when the network launches. 1,000,000 units of EZIRA will be sold in this offering, representing a 10% stake in the network cryptoequity. The EZIRA cryptoequity operates on the Bitshares blockchain. Bitshares uses a decentralized exchange to allow the trading of assets.

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